Facts about that kooky exercise that caught Ron's eyes! Impress your friends with these humdingers!

When working out, do jumping jacks in between exercises and even specific exercise sets. It's a form of cross training that helps challenge the body in various ways, and keeps your heart rate up, which is effective in burning more calories and achieving greater endurance.

Example:if doing a bench press, do 'jacks for 30 seconds between sets.

Ron's "Jumpin' Jack Attack!" tips for the little ones:

​​​1) Put on "Jumpin' Jack Attack!"and have the children do 'jacks whenever they want during the song! You will find that children tend to exercise during at least half of the tune. The "POLKA DOT! strut" parts function as a break from doing 'jacks, but still foster movement, and help maintain an elevated heart rate.

2) "Jumping jacks in a circle!" Have the children do ten jumping jacks (counting out loud), turning clockwise after finishing. Then do it again. When they return to the "front" position (where they started), they will have done 40 jumping jacks! This is a good way to start the day. Additional tip: instead of 10 jacks, you can start with five.

3) Teachers!As your know, I'm (that's Ron) am also a educator - schedule in jumping jack breaks during intense learning/concentration sequences. it - I have used it during state testing!

"Jumpin' Jack Attack!" tips for grown ups:

1) Jumping jacks are easy to learn -and master! Proper form is important with jumping jacks, but quickly develops.

2)  'Jacks promote development of coordination - it involves full-body action!

3) Jumping jacks have been proven to elevate mood - just try and show me a child that doesn't smile when doing them!

Did you know?

For adults!

Jumping jacks were invented by U.S. Army General John J. Pershing, who used them in training drills at West Point Military Academy. His home state of Missouri has declared jumping jacks their official state exercise in his honor! 

For Kids!

Did you have a "Jumpin' Jack Attack!" today!?

1) Yes, doing them releases endorphins - "feel good" chemicals! Skip that next cup of coffee and get movin'!

2) 'Jacks not only work are good for cardio health, but will actually strengthen and tone some muscles, including the glutes, calves, and abs! Feel good, look great! 

3) You can do them anywhere! At home, at a POLKA DOT! show ... maybe just not at the office!

4) Check this out: do 100 jacks, 3x per day = 60 calories torched away! It adds up.