This clip takes you on the journey of the beginnings of a Ron Albanese - POLKA DOT! "Kiddie Rock 'n' Roll!™" song, which is 1) Rock it out live 2) Rehearse it, 3) Record it, and

4) Release it!

• Vintage electronics alert!

Watch for Ron "using" a Magnavox

Odyssey 2 console and Colecovision Driving Controller! Also be on the lookout for an appearance by everyone's favorite quizzing robot from the '70s, 2XL. He is doing jumping jacks, but it looks like he isn't even moving!​ All of the items are all from his personal collection! 

• There are a LOT of POLKA DOT PALS!

in the video, including some famous characters! Can you name them all?

• The beach in the video is located in

Seaside Park, NJ - the same exact place Ron spent his summers as a little POLKA DOT!

• Watch for Ron and Sofia almost laugh at 2:54 - Sunny the Puppy almost walked into the shot!

• At 2:57 Sofia cracks up - she didn't realize Ron (Dad) was going to act out the "favorite exercise" line!

• Ron's son Nick is who is looking through the records at the beginning, which include cool cuts by KISS and Cheap Trick! Yes, they are Ron's discs!

The Making of "Jumpin' Jack Attack!" 

Video Fun Facts!

"Jumpin' Jack Attack!" Official Video

This is so cool - an audio story! Inspired by the Sesame Street records he loved as a child, Ron has put together this

tale that takes place in POLKAVILLE! the very moment inspiration hits to write "Jumpin' Jack Attack!" Tip: listen to this, then watch the video!

"Jumpin' Jack Attack!" - The Story!

Kids, "Kiddie Rock 'n' Roll!™", characters from TV and Movies, and more. This video perfectly captures the Ron Albanese "Kiddie Rock 'n' Roll!™" sound, vibe, and spirit,

in full color.